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About AutoBay

AutoBay is "your local garage", providing and all makes service & maintenance repair scope for car & commercial vehicles, our workshops are equipped with technology accompanied with technicians trained technicians to the highest level.

The ease of our customers being able to communicate with our team is crucial, added to this the simplicity of navigating around our website to find our products, services & pricing and the ability to communicate via our "Live Chat" and online booking system is essential

Our management systems have been created for ease for all types of interaction, if you are using your desktop, tablet or mobile phone all of these options can access the full package that AutoBay offers it customers


AutoBay welcomes local business and has a platform that supports "Keeping Your Business moving", Our AutoBay workshops & technicians have the capabilities and training for all vehicles from car, light commercial to long wheelbase and we also have a class 4,5 & 7 MOT testing facility that underpins the core repair scope that we offer to prevent you from going from workshop to workshop because of limited ability, 


AutoBay understands how important it is to have access to the vehicles that support your business daily that is why we offer bespoke working hours that fit around your business needs and support packages such as, Service Plans, BNPL and Warranties to help and support when planning finances.

AutoBay makes it easy to spread the bill on unexpected repair bills with up to 6 months Buy Now Pay Later, provided by Payment Assist. 

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